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Interested in a puppy?

We currently do not have any puppies available. We have a spring 2024 litter planned! 

For any questions and puppy availability contact us below or call 812-295-5013 anytime!

 "Like" us on Facebook for updates on our future litters.


Click to View Photos From Previous Litters

London Spring 2023 Litter!
Pure sweetness!
Vet visit!
Hungry pups!
Playing with mama London!
Post bath cutie!
Gold at the end of the rainbow!
Sibling love!
Cute little puppy face!
Sleepy little guy!
The proudest mama!
Kisses from mama London!
London with her sweet babies!
Wregan's 3rd litter!
Santa pup!
So fluffy!
Watch out world!
3 cute pups!
Turkey day!
Belly rub time!
Ready for Christmas!
November 2022 litter
Wriley's first litter!
So happy!
Always enjoying the sunshine!
Play time, all the time!
Eyes wide open!
Just chiling...
Bath with mama, Wriley!
Vet time
Playing around :)
Pretty puppies!
Growing like weeds
Sleepy dogs
Wregan's 2nd litter!
Always play time
Love love love
Their favorite time of the day :)
All the cuddles!
Such a stud!
"Where are we going??"
Say cheese!
Perfect spot for a nap!
So tiny
Wregan's 1st litter!
Sunday cruise!
Bath time
All smiles here!
Happy boy!
We are so blessed!
The whole crew!
Puppies - Week 1
Females - 3 Days Old
Sleepy Pup
Week 1
Week 1
Oak, Ash, and Birch
Males - 3 Days Old
Nap Time!
Puppy Love
One Week Old
Puppy Cuddles
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