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This page contains affiliate links, which means our kennel may receive a commission if you purchase through our link, at no extra cost you you.  Any commission earned goes back into our breeding program.

It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the products available in the pet industry, especially if you have never owned a dog!  These are the top supplies that we love and use or products that our customers have loved and recommended to us.

Although none of these products are required, we hope these recommendations are helping when your are preparing for your puppy!  If you have any questions about our certain products we would be happy to share our experience.  Or if you recommendations of products you love and would like to share with others please reach out!

Puppy Food

It is so important to feed your puppy a high quality and highly digestible puppy food.  Especially during the first year when they are still growing and developing.  When choosing a brand you want to make sure it is made specifically for Large Breed Puppy. We have used these brands for all of our dogs and had great experience.  We highly recommend these brands for your puppy.

Your puppy will first be introduced to Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food and will be given a small bag to take home.  A puppy's stomach is very sensitive the first couple of months. So if you choose to feed your puppy another brand we recommend mixing it with the Blue Buffalo the first couple of days to avoid an upset stomach.

Creating a Safe Space

We HIGHLY recommend crate training or at least keeping your puppy in a confined space when you are away or unable to fully supervise.   Dogs are den creatures so it is their natural instinct to feel more comfortable in an enclosed space.  If training is down properly your puppy will quickly see their crate as a safe space and enjoy resting in their.

Puppies are very curious and like to get into everything.  Not only can they do a lot of damage in a short period of time, it is very unsafe for your puppy.

Bringing Home Puppy

After leaving the kennel and all their littermates, it can take a couple or days or weeks for your puppy to become comfortable in their new home.  It is normal for your puppy to be anxious at first since everything is so new and unfamiliar.

These products can help make the transition more smooth and less stressful for both you and your puppy.

Your puppy is used to snuggling next to their littermates while they sleep.  Feeling their heartbeats makes them feel safe and secure.  It is common for your puppy to feel anxious the first couple of days.  The Snuggle can make the transition smoother because it has a heartbeat that mimics a littermate they can snuggle next to as they sleep.

We love using a dog monitoring camera to check on our dogs while we are away.  Even though they are usually perfectly content, it is nice knowing they are okay and not had any accidents or barking.

If you take your puppy out regularly and immediately after they eat, they should have very minimal accidents.  But no puppy is perfect!  As they are still learning and transitioning into their new home, pee pads come in handy for easy clean up.

Other Puppy Essentials We Love

We recommend using a harness while you are training your puppy to walk on a leash.  As they are learning your puppy will most likely pull a lot, which can cause a lot of strain on their neck with a collar.  A harness helps evenly distribute the force when they pull, which is better while they are still growing and developing.

It is important to use a gentle shampoo when bathing your puppy.  This helps prevent their beautiful coat from drying out.  While they are young their skin is also very sensitive.

During the first year your puppy will chew a lot!  Save yourself from the pain and provide your puppy with toys to chew on.  If not they will find their own things to chew on!  Nylabone is a great brand that makes high quality toys that actually hold up!

When your puppy begins growing their adult teeth, teething rings are a great way to keep them occupies and relieve some of the discomfort they may be experiencing.  Please note, is not recommended to give these to your puppy until 12 weeks.

It is important to begin grooming and brushing as a puppy so there are more comfortable being handled when they are grown.

A snuffle mat is a great enrichment activity for your puppy.  Simply place their meal throughout the mat for them to sniff through.  This can help wear out your energetic dog while providing mental stimulation, which so important, especially when they are young!

If your dog has an accident in the house you will want to use an odor neutralizer to remove the scent.  If not your puppy will recognize the scent when they need to potty and try to go in that spot again.

No Chew Spray is useful if your puppy is chewing on something that is off limits to chew on.  Like furniture!  It only takes a couple of times for your puppy to learn what areas are off limits.  Although some puppies do not mind the taste!

Products We Love for Our Dogs

Now that our dogs are no longer puppies these are products we love and could not live without.  

Our dogs are a part of our family so ensuring they live a happy and healthy life is most important to us.

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